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So. Spiderman.

Cut for those who don"t care, but there should be no spoilers hereCollapse )
I really want to change my livejournal username, but I really can't justify the $15 to do it. 

Would anyone be unbearably annoyed if I simply made a new account, and re-friended everyone there? Or should I just wait until I feel I can afford the name change?
In an attempt to consolidate and because I started using more social media, I may start posting here more often by way of cross posts. This may or may not mean I'll start vaguely keeping up with my friends page again!
Our house is looking for a summer subletter, June-August.

Details below (copy/pasted from Nikki)

~5 bedrooms, 5 people (including the summer subletter). 1.5 bath, both on the main floor. Two porches, small patch of crab grass.
~Tree-lined side street, mostly quiet (next to no traffic), but this neighborhood is heavily populated with squealing children
~Large kitchen, smallish but sunny and comfy living room. Coin-op laundry in basement, dishwasher (the kind that hooks up to the sink), window AC unit in living room, HD TV with Xbox and Netflix (albeit the TV is...er, special...if you're potentially interested and TV use is really important to you, I can show you what I mean by that)
~Porter Square, about a 7-minute walk to Porter Station and a 15-minute walk to Davis Square/Station. The Porter Square Shopping Center, which contains pretty much all the basics including a 24-hour Shaws and a 24-hour CVS, is at the end of the street. There's a branch library and medical center and two parks (one with playground) in Davis Square, and the Somerville Hospital and post office and Somerville Community Path & Community Garden and YMCA are all also within a 15-minute walk.
~Other public transportation nearby: buses 77, 87, 88, 90 (housemates, am I missing anything?)
~The landlord is nice, but given that he lives on the Cape, he leaves us be unless we contact him about something. Though he sometimes takes a bit to get back to us, he will eventually do so and be helpful.
~No cats or dogs. Small pets in cages or tanks are negotiable.
~No smoking in the house, please.
~Rent $560, utilities vary but generally around $40 for utilities and Internet
~Parking on the street, but requires getting a Somerville parking pass and moving your car back and forth across the street every week for street cleaning


~Three females and one male in our twenties
~Two students, two professionals
~Geeky and quirky and creative in varying ways and degrees
~We host a weekly Cartoon Night and a Writing Night and occasional overnight guests and other visitors or events. We're social with each other, but not a party house. Generally we hang out in the living room and chat, maybe watch a movie or TV. There are two Broadway geeks here, so there has also been a lot of karaoke lately. We have a lot of board games, and could potentially play them, although I admit I don't think I've ever actually seen anyone play them. If you're into art, so am I and I'm always looking for new art buddies. :)
~Beyond that, I'd say just visit us and ask us questions and get to know us!


Twenty-Something from a musical (I think) called Bad Years. It's about being just out of college, and, well, twenty-something. I identify with it, can't imagine why.
I made a Johari window!


And in other news, if anyone actually want to read my strange fiction type writing, I made a writing blog thing for posting random bits and pieces.

~Please note that this is an entirely unedited version of my reactions, written after some very calming vent type discussions with very good people, but still from a place of it is 1am and I am unhappy. I may edit it to be more coherent tomorrow as I am currently too tired to note if it has coherency.~

So there was a quiz going around twitter about "Do you live in a bubble"?


My initial reactions to this quiz, after taking it and then seeing/recalling what people had said about it, were very negative. With some thought and discussion with others, I realized this was a combination of the actual issues I had with the quiz as well as some really negative feelings I have about how and where I grew up.

Some thoughts on the quiz, as well as some in depth personal feelings about having a lower class background and living around people who don"tCollapse )
So far this year, I have:

-Moved into a bigger, brighter, better room in my same apartment.
-Visited Louisiana (read: NEW ORLEANS) for Mardi Gras. Also for the first time ever. Also known as been south of Delaware and in the central time zone for the first time in my life.
-Achieved an interesting (if highly temporary) job that has been a great help in reassessing what I'm trying to do in a career sense.


(A short story. In an anthology. It hasn't actually been published *yet*.)
(BUT STILL. It will be in a book. With a SPINE.)
Call out to everyone I know, especially friends with full time jobs. Are you generally happy with your life? What makes you say yes/no? How does your career and work life fit in with that? As much as you are comfortable sharing.
Hello again LiveJournal, long time no see! I have decided to participate in NaNoWriMo (Nation Novel Writing Month for those few of you who may not know) this November. I will likely post the story here in sections as I write i, under a custom friends lock. Comment if you have any interest in reading/being added to the listfo. Constructive criticism encouraged, though I won't change anything until after November. Also, I will not be offended if you want to to be taken off the list partway through, whether because you're not enjoying/feel spammed/anything else.

Below is my rough draft of a blurb: Yes I shamelessly ripped off the premise of White Collar, and no, I don't care, because I like that premise and this is written purely for fun anyway. It's set in modern day in my own original alternate history/paranormal version of Earth. Fair warning to anyone unfamiliar with my writing, it likely will involve male/male romance, but for once that is not intended to be the primary focus of the plot.

"Humans with psychic abilities and non-human entities have existed openly in the world since the mid 1800s. In modern day, the United States has established the Bureau of Paranormal Investigation to research this phenomena and also to handle all crimes and criminals of a supernatural origin. Riordan Monahue is a half-human former con artist and thief who currently serves as a "permanent resident" of the bureau. Special Agent Jonathan Marnes is an agent of the BPI and the only person to ever catch Riordan, both the first time and each of the subsequent three escape attempts. Eventually, Riordan decides to try and convince the Bureau that he'd be of far more use as a consultant on supernatural cases than as a prisoner."